Why is Life Insurance Important?

Death is an important milestone, just as, attending college, planning a wedding, going on a trip, purchasing a house, and many other events in our lives.  If you think about it, all the things I mentioned are things you plan for.  Can you imagine attending college without taking the necessary courses in high school to get you there.  Who ever heard of a wedding without planning?  Can you go on a trip without first mapping the directions?  Can you buy a house without planning? 


Using the same standard for death as we do for other milestones we need to plan for death as well, especially since it is the one milestone we all will face and the one we can’t predict its onset.  To that end, Christians receive the gospel to prepare spiritually for that inevitable milestone, death, yet many fail to prepare economically and that is one of the reasons why we need life insurance.  Without planning for death, we expose our families and loved ones not only to the grief at the loss but also the stress of having to pay for a funeral.  Who, given the opportunity, would not spare their family this undesired stress? 

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